Many Morwens are active beyond the local club level.



Morwens who have served as Lt. Governor are:

Marrion Battani:, Roger Kurtenbach, Frank Merrill
2001-2002 - Floyd Hutzell
2004-2005 - Rev. Mark Holmer
2014-2015 - Howard Omdahl
2015-2016 - Howard Omdahl
2016-2017 - Howard Omdahl

Rev. Mark Holmer served as the Nebraska-Iowa Governor - 2007-2008

Morwens currently serving on District Committees are: 
Howard Omdahl
- District Risk Management Chair
Rev. Mark Holmer:     Div. 2 District Foundation Trustee
Floyd Hutzell:       District Region IV Trustee
Floyd Hutzell:       Division 2 Club Leadership Education facilitator (CLE)
Rev. Mark Holmer:  District Past Lt. Governor's Assn.
Rev. Mark Holmer:  District Spiritual Aims Chair (Lay Person of the Year)
Rev. Mark Holmer:  Multi Division Eliminate Project Chair