The Morwens are the area distributor of telescoping flag poles.  These Flag poles are noise free with no clanging ropes. They are available in 15 foot,  20 foot and 25 foot lengths. The 20 foot pole is the most common unit installed. The Morwens have installed over 200 poles in and around Algona.
 Some of the most visable installations are:
     * Lone Rock American Legion
     * Oakcrest Funeral Home (Algona and Whittemore)
     * Algona VFW
     * City of Algona - Veterans Park
     * Algona Trinity Lutheran Church
     * Smith Lake Water's Edge Nature Center

These flag poles can fly one or two flags. Many choose to fly the State of Iowa flag or even the flag of their favorite sports team as the second flag.

  Flying the American Flag at your home or business shares your sense of pride and patritionism.

To have a flag pole installed at your home or business contact: