The Walter Zeller Fellowship was established to honor the first sonor to The Kiwanis International Foundation. Each Zeller represents a gift of $1,250 to the Kiwanis International Foundation. Gifts to the Zeller Fellowship are directed to the Kiwanis ELIMINATE PROJECT. This project was initiated by the Foundation in 2011. Every nine minutes, an infant dies from neontatal tetnus. That short lifetime is marked by pain, robbing a mother of the chance to provide even the comfort of her touch. Most of these tragedies occur in countries that haven't yet eliminated maternal and neonatal tetnus. Kiwanis International and UNICEF have partnered to ELIMINATE this disease.
Algona Morwens Members who have stepped up to become a member of this Fellowship

2011 Rev. Mark Holmer Self Purchase - Charter Member
2011 Floyd Hutell Self Purchase - Charter Member
2012 Linnea Holmer Self Purchase - Mother's Day Edition
2012 Walter Reemtsma Kiwanian of Year 2011-2012
2013 Theresa Waechter Kiwanian of Year 2012-2013
2013 Bill Hobson Self Purchase - Vancouver Convention
2013 Susan Hobson Self Purchase - Vancluver Convention
2014 Lori Jorgenson Self Purchase - 2014 Foundation Special
2014 Chuck Kline Self Purchase - 2014 Foundation Special
2014 Scott Curtis Self Purchase - 2014 Foundation Special
2014 Rick Murphy Self Purchase - 2014 Foundation Special
2014 Susan Bangert Self Purchase