The Hixson is given in honor of the first president of Kiwanis International. Donors who give $1,000 to the Kiwanis International Foundation designated to the Hixson Fellow are honored with a tie tack lapel pin and two numbered medallions handing from blue and white ribbons, one is encased in a walnut box for dispay and one to be worn. The award may be either purchased by an individual or presented by a Kiwanis Club. The Morwens are proud to have a large number of our members with Hixson's. Following is a listing of members who are members of the Hixson Fellowship.


 1999 Rev. Mark Holmer 4616 Purchased by Self gift
 2000 Floyd Huzell 24270 
Diamond Level 1
 Level 1 by self gift
DL1 - By Club  Kiwanian of Year
2001 Bill Hobson 26814  by Club - Kiwanian of the Year
 2002 Charles Kline 24281
Diamond Level 1
 Level 1 By Club Kiwanian of Year
 DL1 By Self gift
 2003 Frank Merrill 29245  By Club - Kiwanian of the Year
 2004 Lynn Kueck 30125  By Club - Distinguished Service
 2004 Howard Omdahl 30126  By Club - Distinguished Service
 2005 Scott Curtis 32797  By Club - Kiwanian of Year
 2006 Kevin Benschoter 33343  By Club - Kiwanian of Year
 2008 Brian Thul 34480  By Club - Kiwanian of Year
 2009 Lori Jorgenson  35159  By Club - Kiwanian of Year
 2010 Richard Murphy 35571
 Diamond Level 1
Level 1 by  Self gift
DL1 By Club - Kiwanian of Year
 2010 Dr. Stephen Richards 35572  Purchased by Self gift